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tting opposite her employer with the breadth of the big table between them. As she had stood in front of him, Keeling noticed that s

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    he was tall: now as she sat with her eyes bent on her work, he hardly noticed that she was good-looking, with her light hair, dark e

  • 亚盘看大小球秘籍

    yebrows, and firm full-lipped mouth. What was of far greater importance was that she tore the sheets off her wri

  • 亚盘看大小球秘籍

    ting-pad very swiftly and noiselessly as each page was filled, and that when she came to some proper name, she spelled it alou

  • 亚盘看大小球秘籍

    d for confirmation. Occasionally when a letter was finished he told her to read it aloud, and there again he not

  • 亚盘看大小球秘籍

    iced not the charming quality of her voice so much as the distinctness with which she read. For some hour and

  • 亚盘看大小球秘籍

    a half this dictation went on, with interruption when heads of departments brought in reports, or when Keeling had to send for

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mornin orthand, and bri ng it back typ ewritten for signa ture after lunch
eon. The h will be twenty-fi ve shillings a week.’ ‘Thank you very much, s
ir,’ sa 77} ‘You will do the typewri ting in that small r oom off this. Yo
u have ne of your own?’ ‘Yes, sir. I brought it down thi s morning.’

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ut under the tiles, and was excessively hot and stuffy on this warm September morning. ‘I shall be here till half-past one, if you want to ask me anything,’ he said, and shut the door between her little cabin and his big cool room. This door was heavily

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padded at the edges, so that the clack of the typewriter hardly reached him. It was not Keeling’s usage to take any step concerning finance or business without considering where that step would take him, though that consideration could often be con

‘Very well. I engage

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    moment’s insight. The thought of his sudden munificence with regard to the hospital occupied his mind, when he se

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    to work again, as little as did the thought of his new typist whom he had just shut up in the stuffy little chamb

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    his own. Momentary as had been the time required for his offer, his determination to make it was but the logical

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    he secret ambition{79} which had so long been growing in his mind. Indeed his interview with Lord Inverbroom had b

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    rtunity no less than the hospital’s, and it would have been very unlike him not to take advantage of it. But he w

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    ot going to snatch at the fruit which it would help to bring within his reach: he had no wish that the Committee o

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    e town generally should learn the identity of the benefactor until at the opening the name of the new wing should

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on the assembled gathering. That opening must be a day of pomp and magnificence: in course of time he would talk over that with Lord Inverbroom. A